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Extra Strong Mints

Each tube of promotional mints contains 16 mouth watering extra strong mints. The wrapper is personalised to promote your promotional sales message - leaving a fresh taste to your marketing campaign and corporate event.

This is the ideal product for exhibitions and mailing campaigns, and is a great way to make people aware of your company.

Mint Boxes

A purpose designed box for mint imperials - this box has a tear tag allowing the box to be resealed ensuring the box and contents remain with the recipient for longer than normal.

Printed four colour process, gloss or matt laminated, cut, filled and sealed with sweets.

Mini Mint Boxes

Small and effective - the mini mint box is printed four colour process and filled with extra strong mints or chewy mints. From Spearmints to gel filled mints – an ideal teaser product which can be used as a part of a mailing campaign to create awareness of product or service.

Mint Imperial Box

Mint Imperial sweet box printed four colour process, gloss or matt laminated and filled our classic mint imperial. If you are looking for sugar-free alternative mints please call us to discuss the options available on this range of sweets.

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